“What a pretty necklace”

I have been hearing that for months, actually 8 months, since we put an amber necklace on LO. Hear is the scoop; friends had a “teething” necklace for their LO, made from Baltic amber, that that child had no problem getting in any of their teeth. Sounded good to me, at 4 months LO was starting to have  classic teething symptoms- gnawing on anything(including me), crazy shirt drenching drool, leading to face/chin rash, and seemed just “fussy” for no particular reason especially in the middle of the night.

I checked the data and found that amber has been a homeopathic remedy in Asia and Europe for centuries! Boosting the immune system, providing pain relief, speeding up healing and its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties make it perfect to combat teething.  The resin from the stone warms up while lying against the skin and releases oils that when absorbed by the body help babies to stay calm and more relaxed thoughout teething,  it is not for sucking or biting on.

Some sites did advise that the necklace should not be worn while the child is unattended(sleeping) if you are concerned you can wrap the necklace around an ankle that is covered by PJ’s. At 4 months she was barely aware of it and I thought that by the time she is she will just be used to it, which has proved to be true. These days I just tell her it is “not for her mouth” and gently remove it and place back under her shirt and she leaves it alone.

My experience with the necklace is for $20- do it and get it for anyone who has a baby, the earlier the better! Within a few days of putting the necklace on the drooling was cut in half, face cleared up, very few sleepless nights and she has 8 teeth and 2 biggies coming in now! I used the site Amber Teething Necklace,  the amber beads were all individually knotted so if it did happen to break only one bead would come off.  That is the story, up next learning to interpret baby cries.

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One Response to “What a pretty necklace”

  1. great explanation! we recently got an amber teething necklace for our daughter by recommendation of many other trusted moms but didn’t have the time to read into the science of it. thanks!

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